Link Assistant – Link Directory Building Software

Discover  the best link opportunities to get your sites HIGHER in search engines

Link Assistant is a powerful yet simple app to data mine relevant link opportunities. A few clicks and you can find out who links to top ranking websites or niche competitors, but doesn’t yet link to your site. It is very  straightforward and easy to up a directory of potentially explosive juicy links

As every SEO knows Google uses hundreds of factors when they rank your website in its search results. Although the list of factors factors is wide ranging, all SEO subject matter experts agree – LINKS remain the strongest quality signal to all the search engines, these outweigh most other ranking factors.

When Google released its Penguin update, manual link spam actions became a very complicated matter and as such building links for your website has become difficult as well as time consuming. That is of course unless you have a reliable link management tool.  This is where Link Assistant comes in to its own.

Get the link building app that the 'Big Guys' dont want you to know about

You no longer have to be a massive corporation to compete in the world of back link research and building. Link Assistant is a very hands free tool – set it up and then come back later.

  • Create high quality Penguin and Panda proof backlinks
  • Manage ALL your link data management in one place
  • Keep track of all your current backlinks – everywhere
  • Report onand Monitor link profile growth over time
  • Easily identify  any issues and their SEO quality
  • Contact webmasters with inbuilt email engine to fix issues and get bad links removed.

This app gives you total control over all aspects of your links and all within your own customisable working environment so you work the way you want.

LinkAssistant encourages quality link building that will actually benefit your website visitors and your search engine rankings. Cheap spammy links will harm your website.  Please never use any tool that just creates useless links – you need quality not quantity.

Link Assistant has been designed from the ground up to be the most search engine-friendly software available.

  • Leaves no traces of its activities in your link directory, your emails, or anywhere elsewhere.
  • Integrates directly with the Google, Yahoo! and Bing API.
  • Enhanced human emulation features that prevent any violation of search engines’ policies.
  • It tracks all search engines every 12 minutes, and updates the software almost daily to keep in line with the algorithms of 456 search engines.

Ease of use is the priority

When you get your hands the software you’ll soon realise it is very feature rich and extremely easy to use. Whether you an SEO ‘guru’ or someone with zero experience  you will be amazed at how it does all the work.

Conveniently manage link partners, run personalised link outreach, create Google friendly link directories, as well as use the many powerful features LinkAssistant has to offer — and you’re absolutely fine with as little as basic computer skills.

As with all Powersuite tools it works with Proxies and also gets around those ‘Captch’ fields and it can be a totally hands free tool.


build up a directory of potentially explosive juicy linksThe proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Download it, play with it, set it up for your websites. If you decide to purchase and then change your mind – there is always a 30 day no quibbles money back guarantee.

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