Keyword Research – How to gain a competitive advantage with Rank Tracker

Every online business will depend on Google, Yahoo! and Bing etc to bring them traffic and sales. The key to being successful at this is keyword research – this is the base upon which your website is built.Rank Tracker software monitors your website rankings in all search engines

You need to find profitable keywords – these are keywords which users are searching for – but which there very little competing webpages.

‘Blue Widgets’ may get 1000 searches a month with 100 competing web pages. However ‘Big bold Blue Widgets ‘ may also get 1,00 searches a month but only have 10 competing webpages.  Rank Tracker digs out all the relevant information on these keywords. Research that most webmasters wont be aware of.


In summary :

  • Choose the most profitable keywords
  • Monitor your (and your competitors) websites rankings
  • Report on ranking progress to you, your clients or management

Please watch the video below to get yourself acquainted with this must have piece of software for any serious online business.

Why is Rank Tracker better than other rank checking software on the market ?


  • It’s easy to use – anyone can use it.
    Time is valuable for everyone you need to be working on how to get your business to rank better and find those keywords that people are searching for. Rank Tracker has been designed with this in mind, powerful features with an easy to use interface. Nearly all the features are wizard based that will guide you every step of the way.
  • Hands up if you like Hands Free ? — Rank Tracker can be automated and scheduled to run tasks – set it and forget it. Just remember to check the results though.
  • 100% search engine friendly. The software will mimic the characteristics of a human – with a security feature called Human Emulation. Rank Tracker also supports Google, Yahoo! and Bing API keys for safe queries. Better still – it incorporates the use of Proxie Servers and so can make queries from several different IP addresses at once making it the quickest and safest tool among modern SEO software.
  • Super quick – Rank Tracker will check several hundred keywords within a couple of minutes, without even blinking – this does depend on your internet connection speed though.
  • UNLIMITED – websites, pages and keywords. Unlike its competitors, the software can you work with an unlimited number of domains or pages. Own several sites ? – no problem, you won’t have to pay any extra of your hard earned money, Rank Tracker lets you monitor an unlimited number of keywords.
  • Amazing customer support. Live support – email support – forums – knowledge bases and super switched on friendly staff
  • Continuously updated. Search Engine Algo’s change all the time – as it does so does all the SEO Powersuite tools – usually on the same day. So you are always up to date with the latest version.
  • Whether you are a Windows , Mac OS X, or Linux person – it works on all of them. Totally cross platform

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