Website Auditor Fast Site Audit and Content Analysis

Want a complete SEO health checkup for all your websites. Every single aspect is checked – inspected and highlighted for you

WebSite Auditor will automatically check an entire website to make sure you instantly spot and fix any niggly technical issues that are affecting search auditor - auditing software for your website that runs automatically

Find and fix any  broken links. Check HTTP response codes to eliminate page loading problems. Check HTML code  for errors and warnings.

Control internal links structure.
Give ALL your websites a complete SEO checkup. Website Auditor will highlight ALL the issues it finds, often issues that you would never even know about, and it will show you EXACTLY what, where and how to fix them.

Website Auditor Introduction Video

Some things you need to know about Website Auditor

Increase  your site’s Indexation and Crawling with XML sitemaps and Robots.txt files

Help get your pages quickly indexed and ranked in search engines, with none of your content left unnoticed.

Optimise each webpage content for the keywords identified using Rank Tacker and compare them to your competitors.

Website Developers always make the error to over stuff their keywords on the page – and will get penalised for it.  Wensite Auditor will calculate ideal keyword density to make sure your pages rank high, stay search engine friendly and never trigger keyword stuffing penalty.

Social Media Matters – monitor all the crucial social media metrics and identify areas to target for each page

Find the best socially shareable pages on your website. Discover the social networks where your content is in demand, and then compare this to the actual visits each of the social networks brings.

Need to show your boss or clients some reports ? Professionally designed on-site audit reports that will impress anyone

A couple of clicks and you can easily produce professional looking reports in HTML and PDF. They are ‘white label’ so you can customise them fully.

Website Auditor is very scaleable and can work with large data projects

Working with a large project that has a lot of data can be daunting. Website Auditor handles this with ease. Organise data and group information seamlessly.

Let it work when you are not around Run site audits on autopilot on predefined times and dates.  Work in the environment you want Customize your working area and easily filter out any data you currently need.

By using tags you can easily group and categorsze your pages.  Need to export data ? you can export ALL your data  into HTML,CSV,TXT ,XML and even SQL formats – with a few clicks.

Creating lots of search engine enquiries – no problem Proxy Server settings and rotation as well as Human Emulation is built in.  Triggering ‘capchas’ those annoying text boxes sometimes search engines and websites insist on ? – no problem again – Website Auditor integrates with numerous Anti Capctha software programs.

There is only one way to see what it can do - and that is use it yourself

The proof of the pudding is in the eating or in this case playing with the software.  Like with all the Powersuite Tools – Website Auditor is available to download for FREE, if you decide to buy – there is 30 days money back ‘no quibbles’  guarantee as well.

Try it – use it – see what it can do.  Website Auditor along with Rank Tracker , SEO SpyGlass and Link Assistant are the complete suite of SEO that any website owner / developer needs.