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To get the high rankings needed to climb the search engine rankings you need  high quality links ‘Penguin Free’ links.  But – how do you get them – where do you find them ?seo spyglass monitors your competitors links from any where on the internet and uses many link sources

Google and other Search Engines will only give you some of the story. This is one task that can never be done manually – unless you have the 5 years free to spend every day searching.

You also need to ensure your sites do not have any low quality spam links pointing back to them – spammy links can trigger a Google penalty.
So you need figure out how and where you get these amazing links . Welcome in SEO SpyGlass – it works in the background silently digging out and checking all the links that your competition is using. It does research on these links and identifies for you the best ones to chase and the ones to ignore.

What makes SEO SpyGlass unique is that it no longer just uses Google, BING, Yahoo and all the other major Search Engines etc  SpyGlass now it’s very own Private backlink data store provided by WebMeUp – The world’s biggest index of external backlinks.   For anyone who doesn’t know – this is like SpyGlass having it’s very personal database to research link data. All done and available to you – discover the links from all your competitors – especially the ones they wish youd did not know about

The SEO SpyGlass  link research database has over 15 billion links added daily

Start to discover all the links your competitors don't want you to know about and then build on them

SpyGlass gives you the ultimate data link store that most other websites wont have access to. Get the competitive edge today.

As with all SEO Powersuite tools you can use download and use for FREE, if you decide to buy – there is 30 days money back guarantee – no quibbles.

SpyGlass has it’s own data link database with over 15 BILLION links added and checked daily for you

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