SMX West 2016 Research

SMX West 2016 SEO trends

SMX West Expo - SEO Powersuite6 Key SEO trends in 2016

The recent SMX West highlighted some Key areas for the direction of Search in 2016. Sometimes the things you thought were 100% accurate when it came to SEO turn out to be  wrong – very wrong.

When customer research can often prove to be very misleading (there are some amazing Big Brand examples here)

So if we can’t trust consumers, who can we trust? Surprise surprise: search engines! The queries people type into search bars are the best — and extremely honest — examples of what they really want.

The main areas of interest to you are

Using keyword research for consumer intelligence

  • Using keyword research for consumer intelligence
  • Voice search and the staggeringly near future of SEO
  • The AI revolution: how RankBrain is shaking up the SERPs
  • AMP is Google’s next big thing (here’s why you should care)
  • The backlinks of the future are… linkless?
  • Google confirms using click data to rank pages (in one way at least)

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